Zabeel Park Gate 6 & 7, UAE

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THE GLOW PARK WITH ALL NEW ART PARK : A magical walk in the Park, beyond Imagination!

The Glow Park has been inspired by wonders of the world (Season 1), a tribute to nature (Season 2) and a Colorful Underwater Seaworld (Season-3) - has created several experiences for residents and tourists alike. Within the last Three seasons, it has earned the title of being a popular destination park that laid emphasis and convey a strong message on ‘energy saving, wildlife preservation and reduce wastage’. Season 4 unveils the ‘Glowing Safari’ theme, where the wonderful installations, light play and music take you on a magical Safari Trip.

The New Attraction of the Season ART PARK adds a Gem on GLOW PARK’s prevailing Glory by bringing up an Unique Artistic vibrancy. This Art Park creates an unique platform for Dubai Garden Glow to display our distinctiveness and imaginations in the form of Our varied creations made up of 500 thousand different types of recyclable materials.